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Places: North America

Morphicles was born here in 101 P.A., about 80 miles outside Kingsdale.


Kingsdale is a place where magic and outlawed technology are given free rein. A free city-state, it is a gathering place of magicians, some of whom have connections with the mysterious Federation of Magic, and a place where Juicers, Crazies, and ’Borgs can all be created.

Kingsdale tends to mind its own business and not care about the affairs of other nations. However, tension between Kingsdale and its nearest neighbor, the kingdom of Whykin, has been rising in recent years. Whykin is populated mainly by humans, most of whom are rabidly opposed to magic and non-humans.

The Coalition States view the city-state of Kingsdale as an abomination and yet another target for “cleansing” once the CS has dealt with more immediate threats. They are quick to point out that there is a shadowy and unofficial connection between Kingsdale and elements of the remaining Federation of Magic. Although the Kingsdale government has no formal relations with any of the kingdoms of the so-called “federation,” several of the most powerful and prominent magicians of the city do have contacts with them. The Coalition has recently launched a propaganda campaign showing direct ties to the Federation and has suggested that Kingsdale is a front for these vile terrorists and long time enemies of the CS. They also condemn the use of “dangerous technologies,” such as the Juicer and Crazy conversions, and “nightmarish creations” of Techno-wizardry, as well as the harboring of non-humans and criminals.

Dinosaur Swamp

Stretching from the Gulf Coast through Georgia and into the Carolinas, Dinosaur Swamp is a diverse mixture of environments ranging from wetlands to hardwood forests, populated by flora both native and exotic. The fauna of the region is equally diverse, hosting life forms both native and alien, but many of the “native” animals were, until recently, extinct!

Despite being known regionally as a swamp, the terrain is dryer and less of a wetland the further north and west one travels and as elevation above sea level increases.

Organized exploration of the region has been sparse, with most adventurers concentrating on salvage and monster hunting. Most of the information known to scholars comes from the publication,The Dinosaurian Swamp: Notes from the Field by Deearn Neenok, famed explorer from New Lazlo. Published in 87 P.A., it chronicles his first and largest expedition into the heart of Dinosaur Swamp from the years 82 P .A. through 84 P.A. With the fIrst edition almost twenty years old now, it shouldn’t be long before Neenok decides to go back to do research for an updated edition or possibly another book entirely.


Located in the northwest area of the Piedmont, the ruins of Atlanta are an imposing sight, rising above the massive trees and vegetation that have grown up, cloaking the city in their shadows. Despite the devastation of the Great Cataclysm and chaos of the last three hundred years, there are still several high-rise structures and skyscrapers (snapped in half or missing their topmost floors) visible above the tree, though they are little more than tattered skeletons of the past. What were once towers of concrete, steel and glass are now hollow sockets and skeletons of metal standing in silent protest of the tragedy that has befallen them. These structures are now home to whatever claims a comer of them as its own.

Beneath the surface, there are actually two systems of tunnels running beneath the old city. The first is an old underground train system, and the second is what looks to be a buried city all of its own. These are known as the MARTA Turmels and the “Underground.”

Ft. Hawkins

The original Fort Hawkins had been an archeological ruin for centuries, until an enterprising citizens group in the 20th century got the idea to reconstruct one of the fortified three-story guardhouses. The lower floor is made out of stone, and the upper floors out of concrete shaped to look like wood. This was a structure to last the ages, not rot away like an old wooden fort.

A pair of wizened, retired warriors, named Pennent and Gran, are the ones who established the community and trading post at the fort, which had stood abandoned since the Cataclysm. Today, it encompasses 1.5 acres and has a pair of three-story guardhouses on the southeast and northwest comers of the rectangular stockade. These guardhouses are each topped with a watchtower and overlook a vast expanse of ground that has been cleared for unobstructed observation. In the center of the stockade are four long houses used for storing supplies and for quartering apprentices. The center of the fort also has a large meeting hall used for instruction and group gatherings.

The Elves are also teachers offering a training program in scouting, hunting, and combat for anyone willing to serve as an apprentice. Originally seasoned dimensional adventurers, Pennent and Gran have known each other their entire adult life, which is a considerably long time for Elves. They have shared many adventures together, and after coming to Rifts Earth, they found their final mission, guardians of the Ocmulgee mound network. The aging scouts have taken it upon themselves to police the Ocmulgee ruins. As part of that mission, they work to teach a new generation wilderness and combat skills to take their place when they are gone. Apprentice training involves battling creatures from the Rifts.


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