The Society of Sages

This group of mages and alchemists operate in a neighborhood of the city-state of Kingsdale. The organization's harmless sounding name might indicate that the Society is only concerned with scholarly research with little impact on "the real world." Nothing could be further from the truth. While research is an important part of the Society's activities, its goal is the mastery of the secrets of magic and the accumulation of power. Much of its research involves Dragonkind; the Society considers dragons to be a potential danger to humankind, and its members are concerned about the influence of dragons in such places as Lazlo and Kingsdale itself, not to mention the ever-growing Cult of Dragonwright.

Although the Society of Sages operates in Kingsdale, it has contacts with other organizations and individuals on the continent, including the shadowy Federation of Magic. Several powerful sorcerers from the so-called "Federation" are full-time members of the society, communicating through the distance by arcane means. There are even tales of messengers braving the Bermuda Triangle and other dangers to bring communiques and messages to and from mysterious South American nations like the Voodoo worshippers of the Bahia Kingdom, or the Elven Biomancers of Maga Island. The Society is also rumored to have some contacts with a powerful group of psychics in Ohio.

Most dragons and friends to dragons are suspicious or openly hostile to the Society of Sages, which has been nicknamed "The Dragon Hunters."

Membership: The actual number of full Society members is kept a secret from most, including its own members (with the exception of the leaders). The organization is believed to comprise no more than 60 powerful mages and alchemists, and perhaps another ten or so beings of supernatural power. Among them are at least three or four members of the Federation of Magic.

Agents: The Society of Sages employs about 100 full-time agents and often hires as many as an additional 200-300 mercenaries for some major projects. Of the current full-time agents, some 30-35 are Juicers of various types, and the rest are all manner of adventurers and creatures, including psychics, D-bees, and other beings, including seven Pogtalian Dragon Slayers.

The Society of Sages

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