The Eleytherians

With a sense of irony, a small group of True Atlanteans and their allies have gathered in Atlanta to establish a base of operations dedicated to reclaiming their ancestral home of Atlantis.

They are small in number, limited in scope and power, but determined to accomplish their goals. Calling themselves the Eleytherians, meaning "freedom" in Greek/Atlantean, they have taken over a small stretch of the old Atlanta subterranean metro system, mostly to the south of the old city ruins. Young and idealistic (by Atlantean standards), they spent the past two years scouting Dinosaur Swamp for the perfect place to house their fledgling army. When they found the tunnels beneath Atlanta, they felt a sense of destiny upon them. From here, in the ruins of a city named Atlanta, shall the liberation of the continent of Atlantis begin!

Currently, the Eleytherians of Atlanta number fewer than two-dozen warriors; about 40 personnel in all. They are led by a warrior named Lyxander, who is in turn advised by two companions, Falcone and Oxrik, both of whom are also True Atlanteans.


The Eleytherians are an independent group (Sponsorship: Independent Operative), beholden to no outside sponsor or influence. This is both their greatest strength and weakness. At the moment, they are almost completely unknown outside of the ruins of Atlanta (Reputation/Credentials: Unknown), and they prefer it this way: they wish to grow their numbers and resources before making a concerted strike against the Splugorth.

They are a rag-tag bunch, lacking any sort of official uniform or armor. (Outfits: None) They can, however, supply their members with some basic essentials: e-clips or bullets (three clips per fresh recruit), a survival knife, and basic wilderness gear. They also issue ear buds and comm-links to every soldier, along with available sensor kits, body cameras, laptop computers, personal translators, and maintenance of cybernetic kit on an as-needed basis. Most appreciated by the members of the conspiracy is the medical tent; tended by two full-time healers (an Herbalist and a Psychic) and a staff of four nurses and two paramedics, the clinic can deal with all but the most grievous wounds. Cybernetic installation is within the purview of these talented professionals, and there are even veterinary facilities on hand to treat animal mounts and companions. (Equipment: Cheap Gear/Electronic Supplies/Medical Clinic)

A subterranean garage holds a modest fleet of trucks, jeeps, hover-vehicles and hover-cycles. Half the vehicles mount a machinegun or laser, but the point of the fleet is transportation first and foremost. As yet, the Conspiracy doesn't lay claim to any power armor or robots. (Vehicles: Fleet Vehicles)

At the moment, the best the Eleytherians can do is equip its troops with NG-L5 laser rifles if they don't have any of their own and see to reloads of ammo and basic maintenance. The rough conditions of Dinosaur Swamp are a huge drain on resources, necessitating frequent replacements and overhauls, which has limited the organization's ability to upgrade its armory. (Weapons, Power Armor & Bots: Basic Equipment)

One thing Lyxander learned while fighting for the Liberated Underground in Splynn is the absolute requirement for high-quality communications and security equipment, and this is where he has put most of the Conspiracy's war chest so far. As mentioned above, every member has a personal comm-link; communications go out over a scrambled network. There are two long-range radio units down in the terminal HQ with hidden antennas up above, providing excellent range under ideal conditions (which rarely obtain…). There is also two mini-radar systems installed topside, providing early alerts of incoming bogies. (Communications: Secured Service)

The first priority for establishing an HQ under Atlanta was to make sure the place would be resistant to overt attacks and covert infiltration. Every entrance, from the widest tunnels to the narrowest outlet pipe, is under video monitoring 24 hours a day. Electronic alarms are set to trip, and patrols keep the nearby tunnels and stairwells free and clear. Guard posts are set up in all the tunnels, with multiple picket lines providing nested fall-back positions. Drones patrol the air above, looking for trouble. Heat and motion detectors are proof against invisible infiltrators. The Conspiracy boasts a psi-stalker and three wild Dog-Boys as well as two wizards, all of whom have the capacity to detect and neutralize psychic and magical infiltration and attacks. Even non-powered members are familiar with basic proofs against the supernatural; everyone carries a silver crucifix and garlic, for example. Other equipment includes spotlights for illuminating the dark tunnels, several backup generators, and high-quality locks and alarms for every door and vehicle. (Internal Security: Iron-Clad)

The HQ is centered on a large train platform, but it extends, root-like, up and down the adjacent tunnels and into the various nearby service rooms, offices, and garages. Between the converted rooms and tent spaces erected on the platform, there is sleeping space for half the members of the Conspiracy (since at any given time half are on-duty), a mess hall, a shooting range, an arsenal, and lots of storage—there are enough rations and purified water resources to withstand a 12-month siege. (Permanent Bases: Fortified Headquarters)

The company's Psi-Stalker and Dog-Boys form the scout detachment; they range far and wide, mapping the surrounding area, sussing out hot spots and threats the drone patrols miss, and making contact with friendly locals. (Intelligence Resources: Scout Detachment)

Nearly all of the Conspiracy's assets are frozen. Lyxander was able to hack several million credits from Splugorth accounts before disappearing into the wilds of Georgia, but it went very quickly, even at the meager level that the Conspiracy is operating. There is some money still available for big projects (500,000 credits), but Lyxander is very tight with his purse strings these days. (Special Budget: None)

The main requirement for joining the Conspiracy is a willingness to fight against tyranny and enslavement wherever one finds it. Lyxander and Falcone lead by example, living a life of moral rectitude even among these barbaric surroundings, and most of the other Conspiracy members follow them faithfully. (General Alignment: Principled/Scrupulous)

The Conspiracy can, of course, offer room and board, replacement of basic equipment needs and medical treatment as outlined above, but there is no further pay outside the satisfaction of fighting for a just cause. Members may quit at any time, though very few do.

The Eleytherians

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